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Stacy Rae Johnson - Artist 

Stacy Rae Johnson is a contemporary artist from Oklahoma.  She studied art at the University of Oklahoma and has lived in Norman for the past 25+ years.  She seeks to capture beauty, mystery, and spirit from the world around her.  Johnson's work is deeply rooted in the unconscious as it manifests in art.  She feels a strong connection between healing and the practice of art making.  


She has been creating pinhole photography for over 20 years.  With her handmade can cameras, she finds magic in the long exposures.  This allows for spirt, energy, and subconscious to become manifest into the visual world.  More recently, she has found inspiration in the digital realm as well.  Her digital work is created with various techniques in Photoshop and also alternative camera sources such as an Epson photo scanner, digital negatives, and more.

Stacy is also a long time art educator.  She built an award winning digital photography program at Edmond North High School.  She also worked to maintain one of the last high school traditional darkroom programs in the state.  Her students have been awarded many honors such as Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Keys and National Young Arts winners.  Her students have gone on to schools such as SCAD and Kansas City Arts Institute.  She specializes in the overseeing of the creation of bodies of work that explore the student's connection to their unconscious and the art making process.



1993- 1997


Bachelor of Arts in Letters- University of Oklahoma

Continuing Education in Fine Art and Education-University of Oklahoma

Group Exhibitions 


Surreal Salon 9, Baton Rouge Gallery, LA


"Old" Exhibition, A. Smith Gallery, TX


"Pinhole" Exhibition, A. Smith Gallery, TX


Student Ceramics Art Show, Lightwell Gallery, Norman


Student Print Show, Lightwell Gallery, Norman


Student Show, Tulsa Center for Photography, Tulsa


Student Show, International Photography Hall of Fame, OKC


84th Annual Students'  Art Exhibition, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman


Student Show, Lightwell Gallery, Norman



The Pinhole Journal, "Contemporary Image," Vol. 17, No. 2


Pinhole Resource Archives, San Lorenzo, New Mexico

University of Oklahoma Print Collection, Norman, Oklahoma

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